Carpet Cleaning Services Features

You may think that carpet cleaning is only meant for maintaining its nice look but trust me, it is an investment to a healthy life. Whether in a home or an office, carpets can easily collect bacteria, dirt, allergens and dust mites which are not necessarily visible on their surface but are the actual air pollutants in your environment. My carpets often appear neat but when I clean them, I realize that they are much dirtier! That is why at any given time I think of my home carpet as an air filter and when dust and dirt collect on it, I start breathing in the buildup.
Best carpet cleaning services are characterized by worldwide recognition and professionally manufactured products. One of the best of all carpet cleaning methods I have used is hot water extraction. When I hire the services, a truck mounted unit worth around fifty thousand dollars is brought to my home. This device provides up to twenty times the power obtained from a normal portable machine.
Benefits of Carpet Cleaning
For over 15 years now, singapore carpet cleaning company have been the reason behind the health of my homestead. For business people, professional cleaning services guarantee a 100 per cent satisfaction to their customers. The following are some of the benefits offered by these outstanding services.
Extended Carpet Life- Cleaning my carpet after ever 5 to 6 months with these best cleaning services that use hot water extraction method has provided it (my carpet) with proper maintenance hence reducing wear and tear as well as extending its lifespan. In fact, replacing the whole carpet is now a dream for me since the cleaning services are enough to restore my carpet to its original state.
Peace of mind- Nothing looks and feels great than having a clean home complemented with fresh breath.
Reduce allergies- Carpet cleaning has reduced allergens in my home by 80 per cent. I have tested and proved the solutions to be very effective in neutralizing most allergens such as those from pets and dust mites.
Carpet Cleaning Process.
Hot water extraction process begins with spraying heated water mixed with cleaning chemicals (sometimes pure heated water is enough) on the carpet. The water is simultaneously vacuumed with any dissolved and dislodged dirt then the carpet is agitated with scrubbing machine or a grooming brush. Next, an automatic or manual cleaning machine (like a wand) is pressurized and passed over the carpet surface and eventually all residues, particulates and other impurities are rinsed out. I recommend the use of hot water rather than actual steam which is known for shrinking natural carpet fibers like wool or damaging man-made fibers.
In conclusion, removing dirt, dust and spills using the mere household cleaners is insufficient to ensure clean and healthy air around your home. Investing in carpet cleaning services is enough to enjoy the feeling of your abode. In addition to making your feet feel great, professional carpet cleaning services improve the appearance of your home just like a new carpeting. Therefore avoid the traditional carpet cleaning methods and you will not incur the cost of buying a new carpet every time.