Comfort and Protection

It is quite beyond doubt and conjecture that cotton fabrics is quite incomparable with any otherfabric around. Look around and do the comparison with other types of fabrics, and you will discover that there is absolutely no comparison between cotton fabrics and materials made from other types of fabric different from cotton. When we talk of protection, cotton fabrics are there to offer that, when we talk of comfort, cotton materials are totally incomparable. One may wonder at the properties that makes cotton fabrics so protective and comfort.

Cotton fabrics are very absorbent. This is why they are the fabrics of choice in making towels and other absorbent fabrics. This is rarely so in other fabrics not made from cotton.
Cotton materials can be said to be hydrophilic, i.e. they are water loving and this is the best material from which towels can be made. This hydrophilic property of cotton is made possible because of the pores and capillaries that are present in cotton fabrics.

Cotton fabric also has a quality referred to as breathable due to their ability to expel water vapor that could have been trapped between the fabric and the skin of the wearer. This makes the wearer very comfortable because this expulsion of water vapor from the skin will make the wearer feel very cool. Other materials that are not cotton fabric, like polyester, tend to trap this water vapor and end up causing discomfort for the wearers.

Cotton materials had been detected to prevent static build-up. It is therefore said to be static free. This prevents the possibility of the wearer suffering electric shock. This protects the wearer from static cling.

Cotton unlike various other types of fabric, do not cause allergic reactions. Because of this it is referred to as a hypoallergenic material. This is quite unlike what can be obtained from other fabrics that tend to lead to allergy for users. In the medical world, people who suffer from skin reactions like itching, rashes and other skin allergies are asked to use cotton fabric as a preventive measure against these skin reactions.

Cotton fabric can also be made to be weather resistant. It can be made to prevent the entrance of rain and wind by taking it through various forms of treatment. When treated with water repellant substances, cotton fabrics can actually prevent the penetration of water through them while still allowing the breathability property of the cotton fabric. Such materials are usually made in making umbrella. Fluorochemicals, such as Teflon, Scotchgard or Repearl are all examples of such water repellant substances with which cotton materials can be treated.

Cotton materials can also be treated with Ultraviolet- repellant substances, which help to prevent the penetration of ultraviolet ray from the sunlight. It is even a common knowledge that