Common TV Problems You May Face

In my lifetime, there are some problems that I strive to make sure that I don’t get them. One of these problems is a faulty TV, this is because a faulty TV derails and curtails the entertainment am supposed to have. Nothing is sucks like poor entertainment. Not only will I lack awesome entertainment but also I will not be able to know what is happening around the around. Many choose to repair than replace due to the costly price of TVs.
I watch CNN, BBC and Aljazeera on the TV so without a proper TV I can’t manage to watch TV. In this article, I’m going to show some of the common TV problems that make watching TV a nightmare, this problems are very common. They are:
CRT Television has no image
This is a common problem on old CRT TVs. I usually get this problem because of not sufficient power getting into the TV or maybe I haven’t plugged in correctly the power cable. When I find the power cable is plugged in correctly, I usually check if the video settings have been tampered with. These settings include picture settings, contrast, sharpness and brightness. When I find that none of these is the problem then I conclude that the problem could be a hardware problem. I call a professional tv repair in such a case.
Bowed images or pictures
This is the most common problem I have encountered with my TV. Due to the common occurrence of these problem, I have realised that the problem is usually because of failure of an internal circuit. This is commonly called convergence circuit. When the integrated circuits of the TV become faulty, they create the bowed images problem.
Horizontal line
Some times when I wake up early in the morning and then I switch on my TV I find a horizontal line across the whole TV. Have you ever encountered such a problem? The problem is usually a burned coil inside the TV or a defective coil. If you manage to repair the loose contact between the main board and the yoke, it will fix the problem. I usually do that.
Vertical line
The worst problem you can get when you power on your TV is having a horizontal line across your TV and then a vertical line also on the TV. I have encountered such a problem though not very frequent. The reason for the vertical line is because of defective vertical ICs. When these ICs lose contacts with their solder joints, this problem occurs. It is usually due to excessive heat production when the TV is operating.
TV crackles
I have not encountered this problem on a regular basis but it is usually because of the cathode ray tube failing to operate efficiently. When high voltage is arced, this problem occurs. I usually a burning smell that is usually an insulation burn. I immediately unplug my TV from power when I smell such a smell. To repair such a problem, call a professional TV repair.
Colourful shadows
This is not a problem common on CRT TVs but also it is common old plasma and LCD TVs. It is a problem that most TV owners have noticed at some point of time. The color is usually a reddish orange shadow that is on the sides of your TV. The presence of disoriented magnets on your CRT TV are usually the cause of these problem. When magnets are placed near a CRT, they damage the sets shadow mask. This in the end causes the reddish orange colour appearing on the background of your TV.
Bad Sound
This is one of the most chronic problems on old and worn out CRT, plasma and LCD TVs. I have encountered regularly when I have used a TV for a very long time. The problem is usually faulty TV speakers due to an electrical surge or shock. The other common reasons are usually a faulty and damaged amplifier, faulty audio IC or low voltage being supplied to the amplifier of the TV. The way you can rectify this problem is by calling a professional TV repair who will fix and repair your TV for you. It is not advisable to try to fix your TV on your own. I personally I have don’t that and gotten an electrical shock due to that so make sure you don’t try that.