Fabric Storing Tips

Any individual who has anything to do with fabrics, especially those whose works are linked with fabric will need to have a good understanding of these fabrics and how to store them. It is not enough to know how to sew fabrics alone, it is also important to know how to store them well. If not the whole effort put into the fabric making will become a painful waste of time. Care should be taken not to store these fabrics in the wrong place or in the wrong way.

The way you store these fabrics can be determined by the way you meet them in the store. If they are hanged at the store or rolled on a bolt, it is better you maintain it at that particular position after purchasing it.

Some fabrics get spoilt if they are folded. If a rolled fabric is hanged, it can lead to the damaging of the fabric. Fabrics such as velvet may even become permanently crushed and unusable if it is folded.

Sunlight often has negative effect on fabrics exposed to it. Some fabrics can get faded by the sunlight and this may leave the fabric with two tone fabric.

It is very essential to protect the fabrics from dust, grease and smoke as they dirty them, give them bad smell and give them a faded appearance. To prevent such stains on the fabrics, they should be stored in plastic bags or bins.

Though your fabrics are very important to you and you will want to give them all the care and attention you can afford, you will still need to consider how much space you allow the fabrics to occupy while storing them. You will need to fold them appropriate so as to make them occupy as little space as possible while being well kept at the same time.

Care also needs to be taken in choosing the type of bin or bag in which the fabrics are kept. You will need to be careful how clean the bins and bags are. If this is not carefully seen to, you may end up soiling your highly esteemed fabrics, which doesn’t sound like a good thing to experience.

Rodents and insects have a way of soiling fabrics. This should keep the fabric owner alert to be wary of where their fabrics are kept. You will need to be careful not to store your fabric in a place where these rodents and insects can soil them. If not you will have yourself to blame. The stains caused by rodents and insects have a way of remaining permanent on fabrics and this may make the fabrics useless forever.

With the above tips strictly followed, it becomes rather rare for you not to be able to store your