Handling A Power Trip

As a result of wear and tear, electrical components degrades with time. Therefore, circuit breakers, switches, sockets and other electrical appliances reduces their efficiency and performance because they cannot function to their optimum, requiring an emergency electrician. Switches trip for the following reasons:
• Use of a faulty appliance- Faulty appliances do not work properly and when plugged in they can make a circuit breaker malfunction causing a trip. You are supposed to repair broken electrical appliances before plugging them on a socket.
• Overloaded sockets- This is very common in most homes due to an increase in the number of electrical gadgets. Sockets become overloaded when you plug in many power guzzling electrical appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, microwaves etc. on a single socket. These appliances causes a power strain which prompts the circuit breaker to trip to shut down electrical flow. This is necessary to avoid circuit overheating or a possible fire outbreak.
• Faulty switches and circuit breaker- If either of the two is not functioning properly, possible power failure is inevitable. Exposed wires that causes shorts and burnt fuses are possible causes of faulty sockets and circuit breakers.
If you’re not confident enough to do troubleshoot, you should seek help from a technician to avoid losses, injuries or even death in extreme cases. However, if your fuse box trips, you can do the following to save the day:

Firstly, locate your circuit breaker and turn off the main power supply to avoid incurring losses. When electric power trips repeatedly, the sparks released could cause electric shocks or fire which could lead to serious injuries, If you cannot be able to do it, you can seek help from your neighbour or call an electrician to help you through.
If none of your switches has not tripped, it means that the electrical fault is not caused by electrical appliances being used. This therefore means that your electrical fault is originating from outside the house. To solve this, you need to call the management personnel covering your building to identify and solve the fault.
However, if the fault originated from inside the house, one of your electrical appliance is the source of the problem. You are supposed to unplug all the appliances, turn off all the switches and sockets off as a precautionary measure. After all the switches are turned off, you can easily and safely do troubleshooting. After you’ve turned off all the switches, you can then start turning them on again one by one to identify the switch that caused the tripping. When the faulty switch is turned on again, the same problem should recur.
After identifying the faulty socket, you’re supposed to switch off that switch to avoid further damages. Then, inspect all the appliances which are or were connected to the switch to determine if they are working properly. To avoid intensifying the problem, you are also required to out for burnt socket switches and exposed wires to be safe in future.
In a scenario where you were not able to identify the root cause of power failure, you need to hire an experienced technician to help you. This is important to avoid making the mess bigger while troubleshooting.