How to Care for Silk

Fabrics are of various types and thereby react in different manner to various kinds of treatment, especially when they are undergoing cleaning processes. That is why great care needs to be taken with the cleaning processes that various types of fabrics are taken through. Care should be taken in the selection of the kind of soap used in doing the washing; even the kind of water used should be carefully seen to even ironing temperature should be carefully taken care of. Any wrong step during any of these processes may lead to a total condemnation of the garment and this will simply make the fabric become useless.

This brings to mind the fact that a good knowledge of how to clean various fabrics should be well known. It is therefore a very good practice to check the tags attached to each of these fabrics as to be able to adequately care for them without spoiling them.

Silk fabric is a rather tender fabric that requires a lot of care and attention during cleaning process. Either the intention is to remove stains from it or to clean it of dirt, the cleaner will need to handle its cleaning process very carefully so as not spoil the fabric.

In removing stain from the fabric, it is a good fabric care practice to avoid the usage of highly concentrated bleach. This will only lead to the weakening of the fabric and render the fabric rather useless at the end of the day. So, for you to make use of bleach successfully on fabrics without causing any damage to the fabric, you will need to use diluted bleach as this reduces the concentration of chlorine in the fabric. It is the chlorine content of the bleach that causes the damage on the fabrics, but dilution of the bleach will reduce the chlorine concentration and at the same time its negative effect on the fabric.

Despite this, bleach should not be used too consistently on silk fabric, even if it is diluted, as this will lead to the weakening of the fabric. Before long the fabric will begin to wear and then rip off.

Also in ironing silk fabric, the use of high temperature should be clearly avoided. High temperature always has negative effect on silk fabrics as it causes the scorching of the materials. The scorching is the beginning of burning of the fabric.

Whenever there is need to iron silk fabric, a rather mild temperature should be used. This will help to maintain the quality of the fabric over a longer period of time.

In line with this, unnecessarily hot water shouldn’t be used in washing the silk fabric or else the fabric will shrink. This will end up destroying the fabric and render it rather useless before long.