How to Care for Wool and Cashmere

In caring for wool and cashmere one needs to be rather careful. These great fabrics have proved to be rather tender and delicate; this then makes them require more tender care and attention in washing and during any process of stain removal from them.

Different kinds of materials require different kinds of treatments, since they are all made with different kinds of materials. This difference in the compositions of these materials leads to difference in their cleaning requirements.

So, to clean any type of fabric, the fabric cleaner will need to know how to go about cleaning this particular type of fabric. The best way to get the needed information on treating different types of fabric can be gotten from the tag attached to these fabrics. These tags contain summarized information on how to care for the fabric so as to maintain its usefulness for a longer period of time.

One of the things to be considered on how to care for silk and cashmere fabrics is the reaction of bleach on these materials. Concentrated bleach always has very negative effect on the fabricsbecause of the high concentration of chlorine in the bleach, and chlorine does not work well on either wool or cashmere. This is because these fabrics are made of protein and it will dissolve in chlorine. When wool and cashmere are treated with chlorine, the fabrics tend to become weakened.

With this in mind, those involved in fabric care should carefully consider how to use bleach onfabrics. The best thing to do in applying bleach is to dilute the bleach adequately. The dilution will reduce the concentration of chlorine in the bleach.

The use of bleach on wool or cashmere fabrics should be reduced to only essential usage like the removal of stains or whitening. If bleach is excessively used (even diluted bleach) on thesefabrics, the bleach will end up weakening their fabric; this will lead to the wearing out of the material. At the end of the day the materials will start ripping off. Even the diluted solution of bleach can cause permanent yellowing, color loss, stiffening and weakening of these fabrics.

In case fabric cleaning is needed for a wool fabric, it is better to require professional cleaning. Home dry cleaning kits too can be used, but the user will need to follow all product instruction.

It is not proper to use extremely hot temperature in ironing wool or cashmere fabrics. The high temperature can lead to the scorching and yellowing of the fabrics, this of course will render thefabric extremely useless.