How to clean Rayon Fabric

Rayon, just like every other fabric requires to be well taken care of and in a way that will maintain the fabric for a considerably long period of time. There is more to be done other than washing in an attempt to keep fabrics clean. This makes it important for fabric users to have a very good understanding of how to keep fabrics clean as this is the only thing that will make the usage of the fabric to last for as long as the user may want.

In the process of removing stains from fabrics, it should be noted that different fibers react differently with the various types of the stain removal products that we have around.

Different kinds of fabrics also react differently with various types of washing solution during laundry. This is mainly due to the various chemical make up of each of these fabrics. This simply indicates that a good understanding of how to clean the fabrics is highly essential.

To have this understanding, a fabric user will need to check the various labels tags attached to these fabrics before attempting to wash or remove stains from these fabrics.

Like most fabrics that we have around. Rayon too does not fair well with bleach, especially if the bleach is highly concentrated. Bleach contains mainly of chlorine and chlorine has a reduction effect on fabrics. It will make e fabric to become weakened.

Because of this only diluted bleach should be used in treating rayon fabric. The dilution will help to reduce the concentration of the chlorine content of bleach, thereby reducing its negative effect on the rayon fabric.

Even after dilution, bleach should not be too constantly used on fabrics. Remember that even diluted bleach still contains chlorine, overtime this bleach will end up having a weakening effect on the rayon fabric leading to the fabric’s wearing off and soon it will begin to rip off. So, the usage of bleach on fabrics should be limited to only the purpose of whitening and removal of stain.

The effect of temperature on rayon fabric also needs to be well understood. The higher the temperature with which the rayon fabric is ironed the sooner the rayon fabric becomes damaged. When an extremely hot pressing iron is used to iron rayon fabric, the fabric may soon become scorched, this scorching or yellowing of the rayon fabric is an indication of burning effect of the highly hot pressing iron on them. A burnt fabric, as we all know will become useless.

For you to have a clean fabric, you need also to take good note of how clean the container you are using is. An unclean washing bowl or laundry machine will only make the matter worse with the