How to Remove Stain From Cotton

Different kinds of stain removers have different reactions on different kinds of fabrics. Don’t you ever forget that these fabrics have different sources and therefore different chemical compositions. It is this chemical position in these various fabrics that determine how they react to stains. It is this same chemical composition of each of the fabrics that determine how these stains can be removed. This point is one the things that makes reading the label tag of fabrics very important, since it will give you first hand information on various ways of handling these materials.

It is important to note that it is improper to treat cotton fabrics with bleach. It is never the right thing to add undiluted bleach to cotton fabrics; since chlorine, which is the principal content of bleach, has a very negative effect on cotton. So for bleach to be used on cotton fabric for the purpose of stain removal and whitening, it should be diluted.

Even though diluted bleach can be used on cotton fabrics, care should be taken not to use it too often. Consistent use of bleach (even when diluted) on cotton fabric has a way of weakening the cotton fabric. This in turn will cause the fabric to wear out and rip off.

Even the container in which thecotton fabric is washed while trying to remove the stain from it needs to be carefully considered. If the container itself is dirty with stain, it surely will not help in attaining the desired goal of cleaning up the cotton fabric of stains; rather it will add pretty badly to the stain we are trying to remove.

Cotton should be treated tenderly when it is being ironed. The best temperature at which cotton fabric should be ironed should be a rather moderate temperature since high temperature can lead to scorching of the cellulosic fiber of cotton. This burning or scotching appears when cottonbegins to burn and this will cause irreparable damage to the cotton fabric.

The water for washing of cotton fabric needs not be too hot as this has its own negative contribution to the final outcome of the cotton fabric. Unnecessarily high temperature has a way of making the cotton fabric to shrink; this will not augur well for the cotton fabric.

You will need to keep in mind the cost of the cotton fabric each time you attempt removing stains from it. This memory will help you on how to carefully remove stains from the fabric!
Generally, it should be well understood that cotton fabrics require mild treatment and that any unnecessarily hard treatment affects them negatively. Therefore great care should be taken to treat them with as much care and gentleness as possible.