How To Remove Stain On Ramie

Different kinds of stain removers have different reactions on different kinds of fabrics. Don’t you ever forget that these fabrics have different sources and therefore different chemical compositions. It is this chemical position in these various fabrics that determine how they react to stains. It is this same chemical composition of each of the fabrics that determine how these stains can be removed. This point is one the things that makes reading the label tag of fabrics very important, since it will give you first hand information on various ways of handling these materials.

Ramie fibers like very other fibers known to man can be greatly weakened by concentrated starch. Some fabric washers believed that the tougher the stain, the more concentrated the bleach needs to be. This will be a very wrong assumption because high concentrated bleach is not the essential thing needed for a good fabric cleaning.

Instead of highly concentrated bleach helping in removing stains from Ramie fabric, it only helps in destroying the fabric because of the chlorine content of bleach which is very high. Chlorine had never been a great parley with Ramie fabric

If there is ever a need for bleach on ramie fabric, either for the purpose of whitening or stain removal then the bleach should be adequately diluted so as to remove the uncomfortable situation whereby the chlorine weakens the Ramie fabric. Dilution will reduce the chlorine concentration of the bleach and thereby helping it to bear well on the Ramie Fabric.

Even unnecessarily constant use of diluted bleach on Ramie Fabric can end up having a very negative effect on the fabric. This is a pointer to the fact that great care should be taken in how constant bleach is used on Ramie fabric materials. There may be times when ordinary washing without the use of any bleaching agent may be very necessary for a good fabric cleaning.

Use of excessively hot pressing iron in ironing Ramie Fabric is not the best idea. This can end up having a very negative effect on it. The cellulose fiber becomes scorched. The yellowing or scorching is an indication that the fiber has begun to burn and this is a completely irreversible damage to the ramie fabric.

In the process of fabric care, like washing, the water and soapy solution to be used shouldn’t be allowed to be unnecessarily hot, this will surely lead to the shrinking of the fabric, at the end of the day the fabric will become useless.

Knowledge of how to clean fabric is very important; this determines how long you will be able to maintain this fabric in a very good shape.