Have you ever thought of the possibility of having something common with various inventors that you hear of here and there? Yes you can actually have something in common with them. You can actually have the same birthday date with some of them. We are now in the month of March and you can take the opportunity to search for the birthday of any of these great inventors, especially those of them who were born in the month of March. In case you too are born in the month of March then there is a great possibility of you discovering one or two of them with whom you share the same birthday date with. Won’t that be highly exhilarating?

In this month of March also there are various events that had been lined up for inventors, patents, trademark and copyright owners, both in the textile world and other aspects of industrialization. You can find out and get to meet these great individuals who had built an image for themselves in the fabric making world and elsewhere.

When we make mention of the word “inventors” the gender that comes to most people’s mind is the masculine gender. But I wanna let you know here and now that you are totally wrong! In case you haven’t heard it before, let it be known to you that women too are not sitting on the back bench as far as invention is concerned. You can just decide to spend sometime to find out especially from the internet how true this is. Who knows whether one of those very essential things, or that fabric you are using at home or that other one you are planning on getting was invented by a woman? Stop thinking that women have only beauty and no brain; you will be very wrong.

Do you know that it is actually possible for you to reproduce and resell other peoples works, even if it has copyright label? Yes it is possible but you will need to make sure that the material in question is dated between 1923 and 1964. But you won’t be stopping there. You will need to go further by making enquiries from the copyright owner. You can get this information by doing a “diligent search” on the said issue

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