Remove ink stains, remove bleach stains, remove fabric stains

Different kinds of stain removers have different reactions on different kinds of fabrics. Don’t you ever forget that these fabrics have different sources and therefore different chemical compositions. It is this chemical position in these various fabrics that determine how they react to stains. It is this same chemical composition of each of the fabrics that determine how these stains can be removed. This point is one the things that makes reading the label tag of fabricsvery important, since it will give you first hand information on various ways of handling these materials.

In the case of Lyocell fabric, it can considerably be weakened by the addition of excess and concentrated bleach. Don’t let us forget that bleach contain a high level of chlorine and chlorine always have a very negative effect on Lyocell, therefore any such attempt to add bleach to the lyocell fabric should be avoided since the outcome will be fatal for the fabric.

If bleach is to be used at all, probably for the purpose of stain removal or for whitening, then the bleach should be well diluted. Diluted bleach contains more water and this will go a long way in reducing the power of the bleach since the concentration of chlorine in it will not be as high as it was at the concentrated level.

To make it all the more clear about the tender nature of the lyocell fabric it should never be washed too often with bleach solution (even at diluted condition). Excessive washing with diluted bleach will end up weakening the fabric of the Lyocell fabric. This weakness will lead to the wearing out of the fabric which is often followed by the ripping off of the lyocell fabric.

Those who possess Lyocell fabrics and will want to iron it will have to be wary of the fact that extremely high temperature should never be used in ironing Lyocell fabrics as this tend to cause scorching on the fabric. This scorching or yellowing is an indication that the lyocell fabric is about burning, burning will cause a completely irreversible damage to your Lyocell fabric, which will lead to your hard earned money going down the drain.

The best kind of temperature to be used in ironing Lyocell fabric is just a mild temperature. This is enough in putting lyocell fabric back in shape and giving it the rebirth of newness desired.

Funny enough some pressing iron has a way of adding to the dirt and stains on your fabrics. You then need to check the base of your pressing iron more often than not so as to be sure that you are not doing more damage to your lyocell fabric than good.
Keep the advice above and you will save yourself some money.