What You Should Know About Online CCTV

Whether it is for business purposes or just for home use, after you have established your business or built your own home, maintaining it is the biggest challenge especially when it comes to its security. However, do not worry anymore. The invention of online CCTV systems has greatly advanced the security department. It is now easier and more convenient to detect cases of insecurity and theft at your workplace as compared to other methods of providing security such as hiring security guards. In this article, we will seek to inform you all the facts that you need to know with regards to online CCTV systems and how best their services can be of help to you.

How does online CCTV(ip camera Singapore)system work?

Before you install CCTV systems at either your workplace or place of residence, you need to know how it works. The system works by transmitting to a monitor and unlike broadcast television that aims at transmitting good signal quality, the monitor sets receiving signals are fewer.

What are the features of online CCTV systems?

Like any other sources of security, CCTV systems have distinguished features that separate them from the rest. Some of those features are discussed below;

Used for surveillance purposes

Online CCTV systems are mainly installed so that they can provide proper surveillance at either your place of work or your area of residence. Using some of the latest technologies, these systems have the power to monitor movements even in very large cities that are obviously overcrowded.

Have more space for data storage

When CCTV systems first started coming into the market, their major problem was space for data storage. The record had to be constantly changed so that new data could be recorded. However, as time went by, the devices evolved. Now they can be used to store up to one terabyte of data making them more efficient in their surveillance work.

What is the primary function of online CCTV systems?

Apart from providing surveillance service even in wider and more populated areas like cities, online CCTV systems are basically made for home use and they come with an easy interface. With up to eight channels, the systems capture high-quality recordings. In addition to that, the stems have advanced motion detection capabilities that enable you to comfortably zoom in for better video capture. As if those are not enough, the system comes with very long cables and the eight cameras can be strategically be placed at different places in the house. In fact, the cameras can be set to record at different times of the day independently.


One of the things in life that can never be compromised is your own security. It is for this reason that you need to acquire one of the most effective sources of security. With online CCTV systems, you can never go wrong. With all the features that come with them (some of which are discussed above) they guarantee maximum security to your home or your place of work.